Sunday, May 06, 2007

Everyone is a teacher and a learner

The last post was in March, and now it's May, time keeps flying away!

Thankfully, besides the take home test I'm putting off, I am done with classes. Till May, where I'll take an intensive Sign Language session to finish my language requirement. And then the summer classes start...

The reason I'm combining warm weather and stuffy-school-must-be-dones is a program called HECUA. HECUA stands for Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs. This is just a fancy acronym for an education program designed to address social issues.

And there are all sorts of issues to be addressed: environment, poverty, immigration. You name it, they've got a program for it. Most programs are in the U.S., but HECUA also operates in Scandinavia.

I will be in the Writing for Social Change program. This is exciting because of the small class (only 10 students!), the writer-teacher, meetings with artists and their funders, reading socially conscious texts, workshops and discussions and can you tell I'm excited?

We take classes all day Tuesdays and Thursdays. On the opposite days, we work for a non-profit related to our study. So I will intern at the Loft, prolly with young writers or spoken word.

The idea is that students get to put social justice-ee ideas into practice. See how theory actually works. Everyone is a teacher and a learner. Engage in the world. Learn to think critically. That whole bit.

Whoop whoop! : Should be a really valuable learning experience.

In other news, am on the hunt for a summer room. Roommate wants his girlfriend to move in, so I'm out. Am considering a vegetarian co-op for a change of pace. Might be fun to work for vegetables and live with another five people...

Now that the semester has slowed to a stop, I will be writing more and about more than just me. As always, thanks for reading and lots of love!


  • It's about time you gave us an update! :) Just kidding, although I do like reading your thoughts! Enjoy your short time off and I hope to see you soon!


    By Blogger Amy, at 3:30 AM  

  • Dear Kristi,
    Congrats on getting your life dream in order. We are so proud of your giving spirit. Love, Mom and Dad

    By Blogger cowboys5, at 3:13 AM  

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